My name is Rob Assimakopoulos.  After starting out as a Financial Analyst in the auto industry, I followed my passion for Marketing and built a career out of growing businesses by building brands.  As an Executive in multiple industry sectors, I've worked on prominent global brands and have built some of Canada's most iconic brands including Molson Canadian, Heineken, Corona, Chevrolet, Cadillac, The Canadian Football League, CIBC, and Crest.  Each and every time I stepped away from a brand I left it more prominent, profitable, and healthy.


I have been putting to good use the lessons I've learned and the mistakes I've made, by helping brands achieve their full potential.  I've given tired brands new life by unearthing and profiling their inherent truths, installing a performance ecosystem around them, and leading businesses towards growth and profitability as a disciplined General Manager.  I have grown businesses by consistently embracing and implementing cutting edge eCommerce and Marketing technology while leveraging digital and social platforms to make meaningful customer connections.  I have been able to complement a strategic business acumen with a command of digital technologies, customer experience design, and data management systems.

I've introduced several new brands into the marketplace - Simplii Financial, CIBC Agility Digital Bank, Molson Canadian Cold Shots, Molson Ultra, Crest Extra Whitening, and Gain laundry detergent, to name a few.

Today I am helping brands unleash the power of technology, strategy, and consumer insight to build sustainable value and attractive consumer propositions.